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Once you have decided to use open innovation in your organisation there are a host of diverse and exciting options to choose from. We have worked on over 600 innovation projects encompassing everything from crowdsourcing and ideation challenges to hackathons and accelerators.

Whatever route you decide to take, at The Blue Globe we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We adjust our services to fit your needs and can provide any combination of the below for either a fully managed or a more tailored experience.

Innovation strategy

The Blue Globe works within your organisation to understand what Open Innovation and crowdsourcing can do for you. Through a series of workshops and stakeholder engagement exercises we raise and then help you to answer big questions about what you can get from an innovation exercise and, perhaps more importantly, how. Are you looking to crowdsource new ideas, or could you benefit more from products or business processes? Are you looking to source ideas from your staff, your partners or the public? Once we have fully understood your aims we will produce a strategy document outlining how they can be achieved.

Innovation Process Design

A well-considered design is fundamental to any successful innovation project. We aim to co-design the process with you, starting with questions such as which type of innovation process would be most effective, which platform to use and how many innovation activities you might want to run. We can help you define the selection criteria, whether the award will be financial or non-financial (payment in kind). We will also help you plan any transfer of intellectual property. The end product of this process will be a design document mapping out the challenge that you intend to run from start to finish.

Innovation Focus Research

This is where we help you to crystallise what you want the outcome of your innovation project to be. It might be that you are more interested running an ideation process to crowdsource ideas than in trying to crowdsource scientifically proven solutions to your problem, for example. By engaging with experts, stakeholders and staff we can help you understand the potential value of these processes to your organisation.

Managing Open Innovation Challenges

The Blue Globe is experienced and adept at the day-to-day management of innovation processes. This involves managing the platform and the flow of information to the crowd. We manage enquiries and communications and also oversee the submissions process. We also manage legal questions surrounding the innovation exercise, for example the creation of and adherence to rigorous terms and conditions and the transfer of legal rights at the end of the process.

Community management and marketing

The Blue Globe has cultivated a huge and engaged global community of innovators. We are constantly reaching out to new innovators around the world, especially in Sub Saharan Africa, India and China. We open up your challenge or prize to this community, staying on top of regular communications and answering any queries. Our aim is to get the highest number of high-quality responses to your challenge, and we make use of marketing techniques such as tracking and retargeting to achieve this.


Once you have put out a call for submissions for your challenge organising the judging can be a complex process. The first question that we ask is always “how can the judging process best work in the interests of your business?” If you choose to select judges from inside your organisation, The Blue Globe can help you to decide who is most appropriate for the job. If you choose to place outside judges on your panel, we can give you access to our pool of experts. We can also set up the judging process, ensuring that it is fair and transparent and taking care of details like the criteria and the creation of samples.

Awards and award ceremonies

There are many different ways of managing the process of awarding a prize. We can help you award a prize online, create a physical award and can also handle the end-to-end process of organising and executing an award ceremony. This includes marketing and PR around the event, distributing invitations among relevant people in government, research, industry and venture capital. We also have extensive experience of managing the transfer of Intellectual Property after a crowdsourcing event.

Post-challenge support

The aftermath of a challenge is a crucial period in which to make sure you maximise its impact. The Blue Globe can help you with the reporting and evaluation stages, analysing the immediate impact of the event on your organisation and measuring it against the goals laid out in the strategy stages. We are also here to help you plan your next steps. The success of an innovation project lies in how the outcomes are integrated back into the organisation. This is true of the cultural output as well as the idea or product you have crowdsourced. We can support you to tie your innovation project back into your broader objectives as an organisation.