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Partner Organisations

At The Blue Globe we believe in the power of strong and effective partnerships. We work with some of the best names in our industry to deliver excellent results on projects around the world.


IMC Worldwide

IMC worldwide develops the infrastructure that people need to connect, from ‘hard’ infrastructure like transport networks to ‘soft’ infrastructure such as the institutions, systems and skills required to deliver public services to the disadvantaged or to support inclusive economic growth.



Cardno has more than 70 years’ experience designing, developing and delivering sustainable projects and community advancement programs globally. Their vision is to be leaders in improving the physical and social environment for people around the world.

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Institute of development studies (ids)

IDS is a global research and learning organisation for equitable and sustainable change. They believe passionately that cutting-edge research, knowledge and mutual learning are crucial in shaping the transformations needed to reduce inequalities, accelerate sustainability and build more inclusive and secure societies.

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Energy 4 impact

Energy 4 Impact is a non-profit organisation working with local businesses to extend access to energy in Africa, impacting the quality of life for millions of people. Growing sustainable clean energy markets improves livelihoods and accelerates economic growth.



Though appliances improve lives and livelihoods, they also use energy and other essential resources. CLASP improves the energy and environmental performance of the appliances & equipment we use every day, accelerating our transition to a more sustainable world.  



Wazoku helps companies become EveryDay innovators, where innovation is a core, strategic, everyday capability. Their cloud-based idea management software enables people to crowdsource solutions to challenges that keep them up at night.



Skild believes the purpose of technology is to empower people and organizations to affect positive change by helping them to solve problems, make discoveries, and advance society. Skild has designed, supported and enabled more than 500 global competitions and helped both large and small organizations award prizes valued over $100 million.


MannPower Hydro

MannPower are passionate about the potential of hydropower. MannPower were the first people to introduce the fish-friendly and highly efficient Archimedian Screw turbine to the UK. They now supply this equipment throughout the UK and Ireland as well as providing expert consultancy services.



XPRIZE helps the global crowd, be they experts or laypeople, old or young, to create the breakthroughs that pull the future forward. XPRIZE creates incentive competitions to entice the crowd to take action, and bring us closer to a world of Abundance.


q group

Q Group , based in Turkey. Advances global innovation management by connecting professionals with research and ideas at the frontier of the industry.